GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster


Nicolas Masselles, Elior Group Audit and Internal Control Director

"Looking to buy a data mining system after a competitive bid, we chose GEO and BM&A because of their business expertise and their keen desire to be our business partner. Backed by GEO, we have strengthened our control environment. The system is versatile and nimble and it goes well beyond our audit plan and / or Sapin 2 compliance data mining. The system is a tremendous benefit, as is the expertise and help of GEO and BM&A staff. They even managed to install the system during lockdown."

Sandrine Bourget, Exco FSO Audit Partner

" Data analysis has become a must have, first in audit planning under a risk-based approach and second, in carrying out audit testing. When doing testing, auditors used to have two main options, either spreadsheets or databases. Spreadsheets turned out too shallow and databases were often too complex for audit staff to cope with. After finding this out, we wanted to give all our auditors a user-friendly and insightful system so they could easily do data searches in transaction ledgers, general ledger and accounting journals... GEO brings data to life to check accounting accuracy, spot unusual transactions, legal compliance, etc. while using data pursuant to audit standards regarding audit trails, working papers etc. GEO helps us really add value to our clients in our audits, which is perhaps most important of all, because we can now present our clients a report of their data that was previously untapped, and in so doing, do more effective testing. This deliberate strategy to put data at the heart of our audits is also very popular among our people and is likely to retain staff or even attract new talents.”

Tax department, French subsidiary of an international service group

“We needed to be able to test both the form and content of our Accounting entry files transmitted to the French tax administration. Most of our accounting is processed abroad and so compliance with French accounting and tax standards must be carefully checked. GEO has given us trust in the accuracy and compliance of the accounts that we need to report to the authorities in the event of a tax inspection."

Compliance Officer, large group of construction and technical maintenance

“I am not an accountant by background. Like most compliance officers, I know more about legal matters. GEO lets me fully grasp accounting matters that relate to my job, specifically Sapin 2 Pillar 5. GEO is a great system for discussion and joint work with my internal audit and accounting colleagues. GEO helps me understand and read in the accounting."

Accounting director,  international industrial group

“Following many acquisitions, our group uses many different accounting systems in many countries, each of which may have its own historical practices. GEO gives us a consistent view of all our accounting transactions and so pinpoint priority areas to look into to ensure the accounts we produce are top quality."

Chemicals company Legal Director, during an online GEO demonstration

"You managed to almost make me like accounting.I want to use GEO to discover how we are really doing!"

GEO user, following a POC without support

“What I mostly like is that it is user-friendly even for a non-accountant."