GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster


• GEO exploits in an exhaustive, relevant, rapid and autonomous way the accounting and analytical data.
• GEO uses raw data from the accounting or FEC (French Accounting Entry File) data regardless of the source system.
• GEO gives highly accurate and user-friendly data and transaction analysis, search and reports to spot anomalies or points of attention for subsequent review.
• GEO also allows users to compare companies or accounting periods.

• GEO uses in a simple, fast, complete, and secure way all accounting data without prior reprocessing.
• GEO deals with all country accounting standards so that you can remotely carry out detailed analysis.

• Particularly with regard to the French Sapin 2 law and compliance with terms of payment rules, GEO gives users a turnkey and scalable system that is regularly updated to comply with new regulations. As a result, compliance with legislation at controlled cost.

• GEO lets you centrally oversee and compare practices and control points covering accounting data under heterogeneous accounting policies, from all country and source systems.

• User-friendly, fast and efficient, GEO meets all business needs of your company departments and divisions with a standard system that enables pooling of budgets.