GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster

GEO users

GEO is an Augmented Intelligence for the accounting and internal control businesses, primarily designed to simplify the life of its users. 

GEO is mainly aimed at industrial and service companies and groups.


Perform pre-closing control, compare subsidiary practices, improve operational efficiency.

GEO Benefits

• A library of 300+ continuously upgraded controls addressing all issues (organization, accuracy of transactions and accounting entries, spotting potential errors).
• A modular system so users can activate only relevant controls.
Documentation of analyses. 
Create customized dashboards depending on needs.

Prevent tax risk (tax control and audit trail) and respond rapidly to questions from the tax authorities.

GEO Benefits

Carry out trial tax audits.
Analysis based on actual company practices to spot risks, particularly VAT risks.
Documentation of analyses to answer questions, even several years later. 

Prepare and carry out all or part of your internal control and audits remotely.

GEO Benefits

A module dedicated to compliance with internal control rules on the organization of accounting, quality of flows and high-risk transactions.
• Collaborative features so all users (including auditors and auditees) can discuss controls and document analyses.

Accelerate integration of your acquisitions and implement price adjustments.

GEO Benefits

• Pre-acquisition: additional analysis supplementing those carried out during traditional financial due diligence.
• Post-acquisition: accelerator of understanding of acquired companies’ accounting departments and procedures, immediate analysis of highlighted pre-acquisition risks.

Meet AFA's requirements for anti-corruption accounting controls.

GEO Benefits

A dedicated Sapin 2 module enabling users to safeguard analyses.
A turnkey solution to carry out, document and manage accounting controls across the entire Group.
Smooth interaction between the three lines of control.

Audit high-risk transactions more efficiently in compliance with audit standards.

GEO Benefits

A library of pre-programmed controls within a dedicated module, which can be activated depending on audit approach adopted.
Collaborative mode allowing all audit team members to perform and document their testing.
Free access to general ledger and autonomous testing.