GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster

The result of a successful combination of accounting professionals, data analysts, data scientists and experts in the secure use of sensitive data, the BM&A team is made up of men and women who cover the full range of skills in accounting engineering and technological development.

Jean-Marc Allouët
(Chief Operating Officer, GEO designer)

GEO is the initial idea of Jean-Marc Allouët, partner in charge of data analytics and digital investigations, and was developed by BM&A with the technological support of Be ys Research. Jean-Marc Allouët has been working for more than 20 years to combine mathematical, computer and financial expertise with the aim of bringing enhanced intelligence to the various accounting and control professions.

Erwan Lirin (Chairman of the BM&A group)

Erwan Lirin,
Chairman of BM&A, has supported for more than 20 years general management and finance departments in their financial, transformation or development projects. Erwan is convinced that business practices are constantly evolving and sees here an opportunity for GEO. He supported and encouraged the system’s development.

Caroline Allouët (Chief Customer Officer)

Caroline Allouët, Statutory Auditor and Chartered Accountant, has been specializing for many years in strengthening internal control and leading transformation projects in the finance function. She brings her expertise to the development of GEO and ensures that it meets the changing needs of the business. Caroline assists our clients in their appropriation of the possibilities offered by GEO.

Emilie Gauquelin
(Chief Product Officer, GEO designer)

Emilie Gauquelin, business intelligence engineer, coordinates GEO’s technical and feature developments with Jean-Marc to come up with the best innovations that boost or expand our client services about using accounting and financial data.

Benoît Chow Pit Wan 
(Data Analyst and Data Scientist)

Benoît Chow Pit Wan, a data science engineer, is in charge of large-scale deployments of GEO, covering several IT environments and sometimes several dozen countries. Benoît assists with all the technical aspects of the project, from data collection to the provision of the tool, and when necessary, with the modelling of customized dashboards to meet the operational needs of GEO users.

Philippe Perrotin
(Audit and Internal Control expert)

A specialist in audit and risk management, Philippe Perrotin has been assisting Audit and Internal Control departments for over 15 years in structuring their control environments, defining their audit strategy, and carrying out audit assignments. He helps his clients to conduct their audits differently by exploiting the possibilities offered by GEO's dedicated modules in these areas.


Guilhem de Montmarin (M&A expert)

As part of our ongoing R&D, Guilhem de Montmarin brings his insight and skills to enable GEO to be a useful and efficient partner in transaction support. With over 10 years of experience in France and internationally, Guilhem continues to regularly feed GEO with the best ideas from BM&A's Transactions Services practice. As a result, M&A players outside of BM&A now regularly call on GEO.

Romain Maillard
(Compliance and anti-fraud expert)

Romain Maillard has been conducting risk management, control, and internal audit assignments for over 10 years. As a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a specialist in corruption issues, Romain brings his expertise in fraud and corruption risk assessment, in the construction and audit of anti-corruption programs (FCPA and Sapin 2) and in the conduct of fraud investigations (forensic accounting). Romain has contributed to the design of several GEO modules and their operational implementation at their natural users.


Yukiko Legrand (Legal Audit expert)

Yukiko Legrand, BM&A Executive Director for legal Audit, is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor. Yukiko has been deeply involved in designing the legal audit module of GEO. The challenge was not only to identify the controls that are useful for audit engagements, but also to organize them in a logical way so that they can be done in an efficient and relevant way, and in compliance with regulations.

Olivier Trocherie
(Digital Transformation Expert)

Olivier Trocherie, Executive Director at BM&A, has 20 years of experience at the intersection of audit, consolidation and information systems. Olivier shares his experience and ideas in the field of accounting and financial data visualization with BM&A's business experts. The aim is to make the GEO user experience even more enjoyable and efficient. GEO is now recognized as the most user-friendly accounting investigation solution.

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