GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster


• Data processing is straight forward thanks to our import or connector protocol.
• A very user-friendly set-up enriches accounting data and eliminate false positives.
• GEO can read data under all accounting standards from all market and proprietary IT systems and from all countries.
• In addition to financial accounting data, GEO can also incorporate management accounts to fine tune analysis.

• 300+ automated controls are carried out within business-oriented modules that respond to your needs.
• GEO pinpoints warning points and their materiality for your review.
• GEO proposes visual results to help guide your analyses.
• GEO compares results from several entities or over multiple accounting periods and proposes comparative reports.

• Break down results in various ways - by accounting entry, third party, user etc.
• Zoom in and drill down to the underlying accounting entries.
• Export results, comment on your analysis and add documentation.
• Work collaboratively and customize your reports.