GEO recognized as an innovative project by the Finance Innovation Global Competitiveness Cluster

what sets us apart

• GEO is a smart system such that it can rapidly and accurately pinpoint issues that you should review


The system picks up on points that need further review, including those that you would not normally notice.

• GEO reflects a mix of experts in accounting and internal control and experts in hi-tech.
• Powerful and rapid, GEO carries out a complete and highly accurate analysis of any accounting data.
• GEO is multilingual.


L’efficacité et la fiabilité dans l’analyse des données comptables et dans leur restitution et leur partage.

• GEO is flexible, collaborative and is constantly enhanced by feedback from users - customers, business partners and accounting experts – resulting in an operational solution that meets the needs of your company’s users.


Streamlined and optimized control activities for accounting and internal control professionals.

• Thanks to our 2018 BM&A – be|ys partnership, GEO benefits from latest tech developments (e.g. deep learning, data mining, web interface).
• Backed by ongoing input from BM&A business experts and its
customer suggestions, GEO continuously adds further analyses, features, and reports, thereby enabling state-of-the-art investigations and accounting controls.


A service at the cutting edge of latest tech developments and business best practices, so that using GEO is smooth and efficient.
The opportunity for GEO users to influence short-term developments.
A share of business best practices.

• Thanks to our 2018 BM&A – be|ys partnership, GEO is hosted in La Citadelle, a high security data storage and processing website. 


GEO satisfies the most stringent security standards: 
- Its Clermont-Ferrand-based datacenter is classified as a French State Industrial Heritage site. 
- GEO is hosted in a ISO 27001-(Information security management systems) and OISO 22301 (2012 - Business Continuity Management System) certified data center. Physics and ISO 22301: 2012 Continuity Management System.